Thursday, 15 February 2018

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

T1W3 - Life Jackets

Read visual language features such as photographs, text boxes and maps to get extra information and ideas.

Explanation Plan: How to prevent yourself from getting sick

cover your mouth when you cough.

Wash your hands.
Avoid people that are sick.
Don’t play in the rain.

Hat and use  sunscreen.

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

Today my class is learning how to prevent yourself from getting. If you go to the toilet you should always clean your hand before you eat and  Don't share your food and drink with anybody.

Make sure you cover your mouth before you cough because you can screwed it out to your friends or your family  and they can get sick and you don’t want that to happen If your friend is sick do not be around him try to avoid him so you don’t get sick .

When you go outside make sure you were a hat and pot on sunscreen because you don’t want skin cancer and you can die by that.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

2017 Athletics Day

On friday pt england school had athletics we had to be in our house
colours my house colour was the best colour yellow there were 4 yellow green red and blue.        

Athletics is when you do heaps of activities like high jump , sprints , volleyball , shot put and same other things it was so amazing.

My favourite event was high jump and my favourite part of the day was having fun and spending time with my friends.

I think I did well in high jump volleyball  and  sprints my friends did well at sprints shot put and  volleyball two.