Friday, 15 April 2016

Narrative Hook

Today in writing I worked with Mrs. Moala on my narrative to add a hook to my narrative. I used a question.

Have you ever heard of No Name Island? Well, in a far away land there was a land could the no name  the no name island is could no name because in 1872 there was two old volcanoes that had no name  that's why it was could no name island.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Find the Main ldea in a Text. spots the meerkats

Find the Main ldea in a Text. spots the Barn Cat.

Hook Your Audience



Correct the capitalisation in each sentence as you rewrite it in colour below.

  1. ben and i are going to the movies.
Ben and I are going to the movies.

  1. yesterday, i went to pt. england beach.
       Yesterday I went to Pt England beach.

  1. Tuesday is the doughy assembly.
        Tuesday is the Duffy Assembly.

  1. have you seen the movie three wise cousins?
        Have you seen the Movie three Wise Cousins?

  1. Mr. Burt is the principal of our school.
        Mr . Burt is the Principal of our school.

  1. did you know that miss west likes to sing?
        Did you know that Miss West likes to sing?

  1. Mrs. moala was born in the united states of america.
        Mrs. Moala was born in the united States of America.

  1. mr. sommerville and miss lavakula both enjoy coaching sports.
        Mr . Sommerville and Miss Lavakula both Enjoy Coaching Sports

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

No More Warts


Fia Fia pt england 2016
On The 7th of April we had fia fia it was fun
We had to perform in front of a thousands of people I was nervous.

My Fia fia group was Circus circus I had a lot of fun . When we were on the stage I was never.

Fia Fia group was
Circus circus
Junior hip hop
Senior hip hop
Middle hip hop
News Infusion
Cook Island drumming
Cook Island dancing
Tongan boys
Tongan Girls
 Asian group
Jump Jam
Niue an group
rock bands
It was so awesome The end.