Tuesday, 9 August 2016


   Vinicius the mascot
This Mascot look is a Cool Monkey mixed with a cat. My Mascot is a NZ Moscot also he As 3 toes. Because he is a Moscot he can Jump run and Fro. My Mascot name is vinicius is mixed with Different animals in Brazil.His Sports is Weightliftin. This is one of the animals that vinicius is mixed with tom he is 31 year old.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

THE 2016 RIO TORCH!!!!

THE 2016 RIO TORCH!!!!
This team we have the olympic
Game in rio. In rio There torch is
So cool  it is yellower like the sun.
Rio have a different way to light up the Torch. The torch it is colorfly like rainblower it has different laws
Like yellower red blue green and black . this is the First time it's ever been in Rio.  

The ancient olymplcs