Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kurtas sailing

How sailing changed over time.

Boat now have motors, engines, propellers, GPS and map.
Boat now are fast and boat in 1918 were not as fast as now.
Back in the olden days there were no seats to sit on but now we have seats to sit on.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kurtas writing a recount.

On Friday morning all of the Pt England students went to the hall.

We came back to the classroom to take the roll, given stickers with our names. We went to the activity class.  I went to Room 11 /12. Seluone, Kruz ,TevarihI,Petesa, lillyana, Charlese, Paikea were in my class.  Craft with Mrs Moala,  Miss Davis, Miss Tumahai .We made kites and we had to  the paper. We used paper, cardboard, glitter, string, hot glue gun,  Cotton buds, to make our kites.At the end of the day everyone was happy specialee me.

My favorite part was helping the little kids and was finishing off my kites.The funniest part was when Miss Moala open the cupboard and the glitter tipped on her.
It took us five Minute to clean it up.

                    THE END