Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kurtas and ash help! 2017 week2

How did you get stuck on the island?
Once upon a time there were three people with me and their names were“Chris Brown, “Anthony Davis, and “Kobe Bryant. we were going on a plane to Canada suddenly the lightning trapped!! Us we   landed on a spooky yyyy island and it was in the middle of nowhere But “Chris Brown, where is “Anthony Davis, and “Kobe Bryant, come on mate let's go find them.

Good job. So how do you kill the spider?!
So me and “Chris Brown, went to go and find Anthony Davis and Kobe Bryant But  suddenly we had to get past a big spider we had naling to kill it with. So I said to “Chris Brown, stay here and I will go and
disturbed the spider ok I will go now  so I went and try to disturbed him but it did not work. “Chris Brown, said  leave it to me we are not going to kill it i'am going to Sing a song so “Chris Brown did sing a song and the song he signed to it was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  it went to sleep.
How did you eat?
When the spider woke up we said do you want to die “no no  don’t want to die good then show us your house so he showed us his house he had Heaps of food so we aet all of his food.

The next paragraph will be about how you escape the island!
We made a deal with the spider If he didn't Make a trampoline will his webs we had no Choice but to kill him so he made a trampoline with his webs a Bastard Us into the air. We landed on NZ and when we got there
“Anthony Davis, and “Kobe Bryant were there I said how did you get in nz we were in nz the hol time. But I woke up and it was just a dream.
                      THE END


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