Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Kurtas Cross Country Recount

One hot afternoon on friday last week Pt England School had Cross country, The year one’s girls were going first, arther them were the year one's doys were running, and then it goes on and on from the girls to the boys if you came to the top 5 in Cross Country your team gets points. There's a Yellow team, a Red team, a Green team, and last but not least the  team Blue. When it was the year 6 boys toren to run Mr Bort said on your mack set GO I run as first as I cod as I was running it helps me by saying pamp you legs pamo them pamp them it  makes me go first and first as I was running I looked at the side of me and there was no one to be seen and I just said run kurtas.

When I saw the finish line I was so excited to cross it because I was the first boy in team 4 to cross the line after that villiam was coughing out blood and then I got water. THE END      

Write a recount about the Cross Country that we had on Friday. 

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