Tuesday, 22 September 2015


 DO? A klwl sport coach visits different school to teach kids different sports. They teach us cool skills to learn so we get better and better.You need to co'operate as a team like soccer to rugdy .we play warm ups we all wals have a strategies. WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR? A klwl sports coach neek balls and hula hope and crice spots. HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWISPORT COACH? You need to show your skills.You need to be a fun coach and be a good coach not a bad coach. co'operate as a team. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE? You need to be respect yourself. You need to be a fun coach and You You need to be skills. You need to no how to play spots. They teaches as soccer to rugby.

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